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Mar 13, 2013

Zyro Wellness Magazine: A Review

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Zyro is a wellness magazine, catering to the need of all age groups. Zyro aims at giving information about wellness and shows the ways to adapt healthier habits that help us live long with best quality of life and least medical problems.

The emphasis of the magazine is on sensible life style, fitness, safety and wellbeing. The magazine gives updates on the latest in the field of food supplements.

The magazine also shares, testimonials from the readers themselves who have recovered from illness / have come out of a health problem by reading the magazine and following the advice of Kamayani Naresh, founders of Zyropathy and the Author of the book ‘Healthy Living with Food Supplements’.

Over all, this magazine is quiet informative and practically very useful to the readers, and provides practical and well proven solutions in the matters of health, fitness and wellbeing.


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