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May 20, 2013

Smartphone is a Necessity?

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smartphone in India
Economics teaches ‘human wants are unlimited and one want is satiable’. Is this definition about wants fit into the modern Smartphone market? Are the users are happy with one Smartphone of late? Technology has been taking a big leap into revolution that is likely to change the lifestyle of civilization in coming days.

There are many smart phones are available in the market leaving consumers in a puzzle over their preference. All the gadgets have unique features to attract their consumers and provide them the best user experience. Users do like the many features combinations in a single handset.

The common and basic features like GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, USB adaptability are with the even ordinary or common mobile phones today, what makes the Smartphone so special about?

Of course, the phone is being primarily considered for voice call, which is the basic operation of the product since it is invented. Do the development of next generation Smartphone changed the basic requirement concept?

The basic requirements of mobile users have been changed with the advancement of the mobile technology or the software that enables the phone to function. Users might not take the phone by paying huge price – only to make calls from that costly gadget. They look for special features in that which could make them more production and stay connected with their profession as well.

No doubt that the latest gadgets have been helping the younger generation more productive and active and the market have been transforming into giant market that was never experience before. And the Smartphone has been a part and parcel of life for the users having big responsibilities.

And the fact also can’t be denied that some of the other users do have these for only fun. That was event from the Blackberry advertisement – we do chat, we do mail …… blah…. blah…

Technology has been changing and shaping our life, and the role of smartphone is minimal, which seem to be become a necessity for all the users irrespective of their status and age.


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