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Jun 4, 2013

Facebook boosts Self-Esteem

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Have you ever thought that a social media would boost your self-esteem? If not, it is true according to a research, and credit goes to facebook, the giant social media sites. The study shows that having a profile on the websites Facebook would boost your self-esteem and also bring some changes in behavior as well.

Facebook is not only a popular social media site but also become identification for many. The often use and updating wall are not helping you to be in contact with your friends and updating about your life but it also helping you in many ways.

Using social media sites for updating information is the latest trend among youth and Facebook holds a prominent role in that arena. Hardly do you find any person in the world, who doesn’t have idea about social media or facebook, to say clearly.

The technological revolution has changed the world and made the world into global village really, which was used a proverb in past to define something. But now, your word or pictures on facebook or any other social media websites can be access across the globe, and that is the bliss of the technology today.

And if you are gaining by using social media sites like Facebook, the one should use and get the benefit. That is good for all, to you and your friends.


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