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Mar 31, 2014

Discovery Channel Presents All New Episodes of Magic of Science

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magic of science
MAGIC OF SCIENCE is back for another season of jaw-dropping illusions and mind-blowing tricks. Performed by an international, all-star cast of magicians, Ben Hanlin, Wayne Houchin, Billy Kidd, and newcomer Nate Staniforth, these fascinating stunts are backed by real science and prove that it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.

A seven-part series, Magic of Science premieres on 7 April at 8 pm only on Discovery Channel.

One of the most successful shows on Discovery Channel, Magic Of Science is that rare intersection where fact meets fantasy. The series showcases both the art of entertaining visuals and practical theory through impromptu performances filmed internationally captivating viewers by the explosive thrills and science behind the spells.

The new season of the series features the world-famous magicians from across the globe - Ben Hanlin, Wayne Houchin, Billy Kidd and Nate Staniforth.

Magic of Science is far from the typical rabbit hat trick. Featuring intriguing magical acts by some of the industry’s freshest international talent, the illusions are real and the series will prove it. Each week, these stellar magicians perform a range of street magic, across London, New York and Warsaw, baffling live bystanders and audiences at home alike. With their unique skills, the talented magicians elevate stunts and showmanship to new heights through shocking and inspiring feats that are backed by real science. From levitating fast food, to mindreading, to a death-defying water escape, this new season also weaves in moments of pure magic with the facts, leaving the audience in awe and wondering how these feats were accomplished!

Magic of Science is produced for Discovery Networks International by Objective Productions. For Discovery Networks International, Sarah Davies is commissioner and Liz Brach executive producer. For Objective Productions, Paul Gilheany is executive producer.


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