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Mar 11, 2014

Thank God Mohit is nothing like Samrat:Addite

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Mohit Malik with wife Addite
He sends most women with a reasonable sense of self-respect fuming and gritting their teeth with his flawless portrayal of the egoistic, male chauvinist Samrat in Doli Armaanon Ki. The manner in which he approaches screen wife Urmi (played by Neha Marda) – often berating her for no fault of her’s, coming down heavily on her for standing up for a woman whose modesty has been compromised by local ruffians, blaming her for another man taking undue interest in her, Samrat is the anti-hero women are bound to hate.

But, actor Mohit Mallik, if his wife Addite’s testimonial is anything to go by, is a far cry from this insensitive brute he plays in the show. Speaking of his role, Mohit said, “I completely understand that my character of Samrat in Doli Armaanon Ki is a pet-hate amongst women.

He is the kind of husband no woman would ever want for herself. I feel my character is teaching girls across the country about the kind of man not to marry. However, ever since I have taken on this role, I have received a lot of hate mails for the way I treat Urmi but I consider that a mark of my success as an actor.

If the profile of the character I play entails male chauvinism, having outdated sexist views, double standards for men and women, hypocrisy, I must embody these traits and display them convincingly. If the kind of strong negative backlash I am currently receiving is anything to go by, I am doing a pretty decent job with the role. ”

So, when we asked Mohit’s wife Addite what he is really like in person, she said, “He is deeply respectful towards women unlike Samrat. He definitely does not subscribe to dated, age-old views on gender roles.

He is quite a romantic at heart, a very loving, understanding, supportive partner … he and I barely have any issues. I’m truly blessed! So, touch wood, Mohit is nothing like Samrat … if he ever dared to exhibit any of those chauvinistic traits, he has me back at home to deal with (laughs)”

His co-star Neha Marda adds, “Mohit is a genuinely good soul and a warm friendly co-star in stark contrast to his on screen image. Wherever we go, fans flock to me and are genuinely jittery and wary of him thanks to his on-screen persona. But within minutes, his infectious smile and charming ways make them warm up to him.

He is particularly fond of kids, his current craze is the latest entrant on our sets – the child actor who plays Diwakar’s daughter Mandira. Between takes, he’s constantly playing around with her, pulling pranks on those around. He’s a sweetheart!”

With both your on screen and off-screen leading ladies vouching for you, we trust Mohit to be a good guy after all!


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