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May 26, 2014

Happiness: Small Reasons Matters Much

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What makes many annoyed all the time, might a damn care thing for others, right? Simple, different personalities do feel and see thing in their ways, least bothering about the contrary view.

So it isn’t the fault of the other person, whom you think that person always in negative or critic of your opinion.

Really, that is not the big thing, but to accept the core concept, many do fail there leaving themselves in the absurdity of feelings.

Never, gauge a situation that has been annoying in haste. You might reach a wrong conclusion. The fact is that, there are many silly reasons could fuel to big problems.

Yes, many do believe in this simple reason, we do often make a big fight over simple things. Why, because, no one is interested to let go things and live peaceful.

If there are no issues in a day, then there must be a compulsion to make our mind too busy in intriguing mind to track all the silly reasons to make a big conclusion from there.

Here, popular saying goes right – empty mind is devil’s home. No matter if the saying is not as exact it is…but the meaning is somewhat making it complete.

And the simple causes are the big player in mind leaving us unhappy, despite the mind need a peace at any cost.

Next comes, the Ego, ‘I am Factor’ in life that is the base for all the thoughts that keep you from happiness.

No need to consider a meditation classes to end your ‘I am Factor’, from where a new life is waiting for you. But there to your ego is eroding your goals you set forth.

Yes, it is fact that you can let go the simple things but, start from the beginning to overlook, one day you may be able to check the big problems caused by these and ego.


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