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Jun 24, 2014

Nature is a Teacher

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We learn so many people, parents, teachers, professors and even from our own experiences in life. But there is one more teacher that we all ignore and that is Mother Nature. Mother Nature teaches us so many valuable lessons, if we have the patience and willingness to see and learn from her. Let us know what those are.

1. Adaptability to Changes: Nature easily adopts itself to all odds, it doesn’t complain. Oh! This season is good this kind of weather is bad, let it be severe cold or severe hot, it adopts itself to any kind of weather or circumstances and carries on with life. So this is one very important lesson we learn from her to be adoptable to changes in life, to all kinds of changes, and keep progressing.

2. No Excuses: Nature gives excuses it follows its natural cycle no matter what comes in the way. So, we should always try to stick to our goals and keep working, no matter what comes the way.

3. Not Just Live but Give: Nature always cooperates, and gives. Like flowers give honey, plants give us oxygen, fruits, flowers everything. So, one important lesson we learn from nature is to give, if a plant can give life to others. If we humans live life just for our own sake without even thinking of others are we better than plants, so we should always think about giving.

4. Grow With Difficulties: A gardener when he is taking care of a plant he not only waters it and feeds it, but he also cuts the plant, bends it, and removes the unnecessary or spoiled portions. All these are difficulties to the life of a plant but it does not stop growing because of these things, on the contrary it becomes better. Likewise when we face difficulties in life we should treat them as if they have to strengthen us and to make us strong and go along with life, with even more determination and motivation.

So, if we are willing to learn there are so many things we can learn from nature. So, keep your inner eyes open, keep learning and keep progressing.


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