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Jun 28, 2014

Top 4 Ways to Earn a Big Pay Cheque

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We can never say that wealth is everything in life, but it does play a very important role in making our life easy. We all work hard day and night spending more time in the office, than with our loved ones at home, for what? Just to make sure we secure wealth and to make our loved ones future secure.

But we know that fact that earning big amounts of money is not that easy as it sounds. But we can’t help wondering why some people are more successful in earning more, with the same capabilities and skills as we have, and we remain where we are. Well if we carefully study what is it that they are doing that makes them wealthy, and even we start doing it, then we can also become wealthy. Let us look at those points.

1. Become a Master: People don’t get paid more, just like that they have certain skills and expertise that makes them master in their field of work and so they get paid for it. So if your aim is to manifest wealth, look into yourself what can you master?

2. Sharpen Your Axe: Once you identify your area of mastery, concentrate and focus on improving and sharpening those skills. Do whatever it takes to be an expert in it, read more gain knowledge, practice have your hands on it and gain expertise. If you should be paid more than others than you should deliver that which other are not able to deliver.
salary cheque3. First Create Wealth in Your Mind: You can manifest anything outside until you have first manifested it in the mind. Yes every action is a result of thought and if it is action that leads to more income, first you should have thoughts about wealth or more income in the mind. So, have thoughts of wealth in your mind and nurture them.

4. Have Confidence:
Have confidence in your skill, in your expertise and above all have faith that you deserve to be wealthy, or deserve to earn more. Because you have made yourself deserving by working on those areas and if you are expecting high returns, it is because you are delivering more or may be the best.

So, working hard is not enough, work smart, gain more skills, knowledge, expertise, focus your thoughts on wealth and see how you will not get more income.


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