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Jun 5, 2014

Way to Ever Lasting Happiness

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If there is one thing that the entire humanity would agree on it would be that every human born in this earth has only one desire and that is to be happy always and to lead a happy life. Many people run after material things and persons thinking that happiness lies there in those things or with those persons.

But all these things, persons, or situations give temporary happiness, happy only for that moment when we achieve or have those things or persons with us. The moment they depart from us we become unhappy again, our happiness becomes conditional. Conditioned by persons, things, and places.

Well, in such a case is it ever possible to be happy always, under all circumstances, where ever we are and however we are. Yes, if we take a step towards materiality to spirituality. Because this is where we know our real self, coming out of this false I and mine. And when this happens we find that what we think as I does not exist and all that exists is one consciousness.

If you think, oh! This is not possible this is some high level stuff, not for us; even then there is another way. That is to live a life where in you don’t expect anything from anyone, yes because only when you expect anything from anyone will you be disappointed or unhappy. Another way is to cut down on desires, the less desires you have the more peaceful and happy life you will lead.

But the most and the easiest way to lead a happy life is to treat others as you wish to be treated and to show love towards all life, not limiting your love only to humans. Because this is the real way to everlasting happiness.


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