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Jul 9, 2014

10 Top Tips to Overcome Lack of Sleep in Middle Age Women

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Lack of sleep is one of the many problems that middle age women face. They find it difficult to staying asleep and when it’s time to sleep and they wake up too early in the morning and find it difficult to get back to sleep again once they are awake. To state the fact sleep disturbances are a common complaint in this phase. Because as we age the normal sleeping pattern becomes shorter and it becomes natural that we spend less time in deep sleep.

Well, in this case there are some useful tips that you can follow to reduce sleep disturbances and to enjoy a good deep sleep. Let us check out those points.

1. As far as possible avoid sleeping in the afternoons and if it is a habit for you to sleep in the afternoon and can’t stay without sleeping. Then limit your sleeping time to a maximum of twenty minutes only.

2. Avoid consuming Alcohol, smoking, and taking beverages that contain caffeine, if at all you consume any of these it should be at least three hours before you go to sleep.

3. As far as possible avoid irregular sleeping patterns and stick to a disciplined sleeping routine.

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4. Don’t make it a habit to sleep as soon as you finish eating. Take dinner at least 4 hours before you go to sleep.

5. During the evening if you feel like you are falling asleep, wash your face, take a walk, and keep your working area well lit.

6. Make it a habit to practice meditation, or taking a shower or reading a good book, or may be listening to quite and relaxing music that prepares you for a good sleep.

7. Don’t tense yourself that it’s so much time now and I am not able to sleep when will I sleep and when will I get up. This kind of thinking and keeping a track of time will not help instead relax and try to sleep.

8. Make sure that you have enough physical activity, otherwise, do regular exercises. Or do Swimming, or take up any other sport that gives your body a good exercise and makes you feel relaxed.

9. Make sure that your bed room atmosphere is cool, calm and relaxed.

10. To get good sleep make sure that both your mind and body are relaxed before you go to sleep.

Sleep is a blessing that recharges us for next day activities and keeps us active and healthy. Follow these tips and overcome hurdles for a deep and good sleep.


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