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Jul 23, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Handle Criticism

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Criticism is one thing that is unavoidable in life. People criticize you if you do something, or if you don’t do anything or if you do something that no one does. The mistake we do is to think that only useless people and people with empty minds are the ones to be criticized.

But if you take a look at the history all the so called genius of the world and leaders in their fields we the people who were most criticized, people called them mad and insane, what not but it is only those who [paid no attention to them and believed in what they thought was right were the ones who were successful.

So, criticism, is not what matters, what matters is how you react to it, take or leave it and move ahead to see success. So, let us look at some of the ways that will help us to handle criticism in a way that will help us to progress.

1. Know the intention behind the criticism, some people criticize because it’s their nature, some because it gives them happiness, and some people criticize you so that you can learn from mistakes. So, know the intention and leave the criticism.

2. Don’t give it back to them. It is but natural for us to defend ourselves when we are criticized for no reason or not for a valid reason. But doing so will give strength to those who criticize us and drag us down to their level so, better to hold yourself back.

3. The best way to handle criticism is to respond calmly. Listen to them and then once they cool down tell them how you feel about it.

4. If there a fault of yours and others criticize you, accept it and tell that you have got their point and would correct yourself.

5. The best way to handle criticism is to have self confidence. If you know what you are and what you are doing other peoples comments and criticisms do not bother you. So, focus on increasing your self confidence.

There is other side of criticism that it helps you to know your faults and gives you a chance to correct them. This happens when the people who criticize you are our well wishers or the ones who are bothered about your welfare. In such cases criticism helps us to progress and to go ahead. So, know the intention behind criticism and then accordingly take it or leave, but keep moving ahead.


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