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Aug 4, 2014

Fruit Juices are good for Health?

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Are You One among Those People Who Think Fruit Juices are good for Health? Then, Check this Out

Well, most of us are aware that consumption of soft drinks, carbonated beverages, is not good for health and many of us instead opt for fruit juices. But are fruit juices healthy? Yes, time has come to know the hard facts behind consumption of fruit juices.

Yes, drinking fruit juices is as damaging to health as consuming soft drinks and colas. Why? Because, the sugar content in the fruit juice, is equal to the sugar content of any other sweetened beverage or drink and high sugar intake is not at all good for health.

People are under the misconception that fruit juices are an alternative for sweetened beverages, but it is not so. Research also reveals the shocking fact that energy levels and sugar content are the same, when fruit juice and other sweetened beverages are compared and sugar content is more in fruit juice than in fruit.

It is best to take a fresh fruit instead of juice from health point of view and another shocking revelation that has come into light is that. High intake of fruit juices increases the risk of diabetes. Majority of the people are not aware of these facts think that consuming fruit juices is good for health.

Many parents even give their children fruit juices thinking that it will improve and keep them healthy. But it is not at all advisable to give or to drink fruit juices; this applies equally to all and even more to children. So, always opt to eat fresh fruits instead of drinking fruit juices.


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