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Sep 2, 2014

A Quote worth Contemplating

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Quotes are one of the many sources of inspiration. They are life’s essence in short and it is very important that we make it a habit to read a t least a new daily this will enlighten us.

We read many quotes and hear them also but there will be some which will strike straight at heart and you will never forget them. Some time such quotes change your entire perspective of life.

I heard one quote in a movie which is by Yendamuri Veerendranath it goes like this “life is not a key that you keep it in some one’s hand and sleep peacefully” what more can anyone say in short about the value of ‘your’ life. This is a quote which I will never forget in my life.

Yes, many of us depend on others for each and every thing and every minor and major decision in life which is not a right thing.

God has blessed us each and every one of us with brains and wisdom so that we can think what is good for us and then act in such a way.

There is no harm in taking others opinions and consulting someone, but it is not at all good to depend on others when it comes to life changing decisions.

It is easy to put the burden of our life on someone else and live a carefree life, but to take the responsibility of your behavior, of your decisions and ultimately of your life into your own hands, and accepting the results whatever they are instead of putting the blame on someone else is a thing that everyone must learn.

As long as you don’t value yourself, know your worth, and the value of your life, you will never live your life, you will be a puppet in someone else’s hand.

But the day you recognize your own worth, you give value to yourself and start living life that way that is the day when you started living ‘your’ life. So, take time and think about this.


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