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Sep 19, 2014

Embrace the ethnicity with a fascinating medley of festive jewellery

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With the heavy traditional clothing worn on festivals, it is rather difficult to put on those long kept gold necklaces.

Eristona brings to you a solution to this with a heavy look yet light weight traditional range of accessory.

This festival flaunt your traditional outfit with a mix of contemporary fashion jewellery by the latest collection at Eristona.com.

Eristona is the epitome of affordable and effortless style founded by Shagun Chadha.

Carefully curated over countless hours and days, it consists of the perfect blend of pieces, all inspired by people and places from various parts of the world.

It blends contemporary styles with the age-old concept of personal adornment.

jewellery for Indian womanConsider this website your one stop shop to all baubles beautiful and affordable.

With the perfect blend of traditional and chic modern designs, glamorous yet very wearable – her collection ranges from Ethinc to New-age, and girlie to elegant pieces.

Earrings divided by dangling, neck pieces, bracelets & rings are some signature designs from ERISTONA.

A color fiesta can be seen through the vast palette used in Eristona's trademark color blending and blocking techniques.

A wide range of pastels and primary color tones are complemented with metallic hues, neons and antique textures to appease the contemporary Indian woman.


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