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Oct 20, 2014

Modi Wave in Maharashtra and Haryana

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Modi Wave in Maharashtra and Haryana

What could be spectacular, than winning two states in the assembly elections - Maharashtra and Haryana - for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ? It is the victory for the saffron party  in the land of Maratha, where it had alliance with Shiv Sena for last 25 years.

The split was proved in the favour of the BJP and people have given a mandate to the BJP. To form the government in Maharashtra, BJP needs 23 members' support, it has 122 seats in 288 member-Assembly. The NCP would support the BJP government in Maharashtra from out side.

Modi wave was the prime force that brought vote swing the assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. Where voters have bestowed their confidence on the BJP and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who completed 100 plus days in his office.

With the winning two more states into BJP's account, the chief Amit Shah becomes most powerful person in Indian politics, who had played a major role in shaping the party's performance in the general elections.

Shiv Sena won 63 seats in Maharashtra, was the old ally of BJP, broken the alliance over the issue of seat sharing. With NCP agreeing to support the BJP to form the government, Shiv Sena's role could be less effective in supporting BJP to form the government. 

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Modi wave did it again after the general elections, and the wave was enough to weigh high on the Congress party - winning very few seats in both the states.

In Haryana, BJP is in majority to form the government, winning 47 of the 90 seats. Experts, believe that the elections results could give more power to the NDA government for economic reforms - the need of the hours to bring economic stability in India.


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