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Feb 16, 2015

The Yellow Door- a shop for all home décor needs

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The Yellow Door
Taking forward its commitment for fostering ancient Indian crafts and modern global designs in complete harmony, The Yellow Door today launched theyellowdoorstore.com, an extensive and carefully curated online shop for all home décor needs. In-house designers draw inspirations from time honoured designs and collaborate with specialists from around the world. The collections are carefully handcrafted in the small towns of India and meet the highest standards of quality and value.

The Yellow Door is your entry to an exclusive and unique range of home products and a service-driven shopping experience that relies on the most innovative use of technology. Speaking on the launch, Ms. Versha Vohra, Director, The Yellow Door said “We are not here only to sell unique designs and superior quality at excellent prices but we are a platform that connects with its users and will help predict or adapt global decor trends for the Indian home. It inspires attractive decorating for every room and thoughtful gifting for everyone on your list.”

​​Turnkey Solutions & Services

Experienced professionals are trained to provide expert decorating and entertaining advice. No space is too small or too large. An in-house capacity for manufacturing furniture helps in servicing clients effectively, with a quick turnaround time and full customisation. The company offers excellent after sales support.

  • Home Stylist’ enables users to get their room or home setting done exclusively by a yellow door certified interior designer. A bare-shell apartment/office space/greenfield site, is turned into a fully functional residence/office as per client requirements and handed over in a timely manner. A convenience charge of Rs. XYZ is applicable for the visit but if one shops for more than 2,00,000 then this service can be availed free of charge.
  • ‘Gift Registry’ enables users to compile a list of items they wish to receive for a special occasion like their wedding, house warming, baby shower, anniversaries etc. This allows gift givers to be certain that they are purchasing items that will be truly appreciated and prevents the duplication of gifts. The Yellow Door ensures efficiency by removing items from the list as they are purchased. It offers immense flexibility in adding gifts and full purchase coordination as the gifts are delivered at a mutually convenient time.

​​Innovative Technology

‘Buy The Look’ is an app that enables home owners to accurately visualise their room. Users can choose from a wide range of existing room shapes, specify their measurements and then place various products or items to see how their room will look. This lets the home owner plan their room setup and visually judge the amount of space remaining around the furniture or other items. Once they are convinced they can submit the design to Buy the look or request interior designers at The Yellow Door to review and suggest changes or provide a design, including 3D snapshots.

​​Sustainable Development
Shipping to over 90 countries around the world and to every region within India, theyellowdoorstore.com combines contemporary design with the unique skills of craftsmen pan India. It further promotes Indian handicrafts by dedicating 3% of all sales towards the upliftment and development of this inimitable talent.

​​Exclusive Collection
The portal offers exclusive designs and expertly crafted products across a wide range of categories. From stylish indoor and outdoor furniture including beds, sofas, wardrobes, dining sets, chairs, shelves, tables and bars to Kids furniture such as bunk beds, multipurpose furniture and more. From wall décor like wall art, wallpapers, mirrors and decals to lighting solutions like ceiling lamps, table tops, wall-mounted lamps, candles and candle holders. The kitchen & Bar segment features a vast array of bar sets, glasses, bowls, platters, trays, cutlery, coasters and enamel plated portable BBQ. The website also features a signature compilation of gifts, other décor items and collectibles along with a basic bath collection that will be further strengthened in the next phase.


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