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May 28, 2012

Attitude defines Your Altitude

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In life everything we do, reflects our attitude towards life. Two people face the same kind of situation, but the way they react to it defines their attitude. Take for example there are two professors in the same campus teaching the same subject to the students, but one makes subject more interesting to learn, while the other makes it boring. They may be equally qualified and experienced but the difference is their attitude towards work. When one feels enthusiastic about work it reflects in their work, it inspires others also to be enthusiastic and active.

This applies all the time and in everything we do. The way we talk, walk, smile, the way we carry ourselves, present ourselves, the way we dress everything reflects our attitude towards ourselves and towards others. The real test of attitude is when one is posed with a difficult situation or a challenge the way he handles it and overcomes it. Two persons may be facing same health problem, one thinks his life is finished he can do nothing else about it, and starts worrying and talking about it, instead of taking necessary steps for betterment. On the contrary another person facing the same problem thinks of it as a challenge, takes necessary action to rectify the problem to his level best, and redirects his thinking towards productive and useful things rather than worrying about it.

 The other person sets an example for others to follow and inspires them to take a better view of life, while the latter remains as one among many people, who can neither better their own life or the life of others. This kind of positive attitude is not a difficult task to accomplish, because it can be easily developed provided one has the willingness to do so.

First and foremost thing to develop this kind of attitude is, to keep yourself in the company of people, who have high, and positive thinking levels than you, people who inspire and motivate others in a positive way. As far as possible, make sure that your words and actions are always positive and encouraging. Keep yourself away from people who are failures, think and talk negative, and demotivate others.

Reading and listening to positive and self-development literature is also one of the best ways to develop positive mental attitude. Select a person whom you admire, respect, and look up to as your role model, then to be like him compare the qualities and attitudes of his, towards life, with yours, this is also a tool to develop right kind of attitude. Attitude is everything in life and a person with positive mental attitude, is a person who has the capability to shape his life the way he wants. Because “it is your attitude that defines your altitude”.


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