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May 23, 2012

Managing Relationship for Business Success

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Day in and out, right from the time we are up from our bed, we deal with people. Starting at home, outside, neighbourhood, office anywhere and everywhere we deal with only people. The basis of any well run organization or business is, relationship with the people or clients. In today’s time, it is easy to find much number of people or organizations offering the same kind or even better services or products to their clients. So in this kind of situation, where one has wide choice why should one opt for a particular kind of product or service from a particular organization or person? It is because of the relationship that you establish with them and the kind of trust they have in you or the products you offer. We may offer the best quality product or service that is matchless. Still, if your relationship with the client is not well, there is no way that he or she will come back to you. There are a few important factors that will help in developing better and long standing relationship with your client in your business. First and the fore most, we should always be on time, either when we give our time to others or when we take others time, because time is precious for any one, and their time is valuable as yours. We should always try to deliver the services or goods at the promised time, so that no one incurs the loss caused there by. More over when you are able to keep up your time commitments people develop trust in you and come back to you for your services. Another important aspect in building better relationship with the client is, we should not at any point of time “promise more and deliver less” this applies even more in case of “quality” of the products or services offered. We should be frank enough to state only that which we can offer or deliver, and see to it that we have kept our promise. If one is successful in doing this then he can be sure of having, good will and wide client base in the market. Last but definitely, not the least important factor to develop a long standing relationship with the client is, to think from his perspective, we should be skilled enough to assess his needs, requirements and see if we can meet them. If we start doing this we will be able to improve ourselves / our products or the services that we offer. This way when we start thinking of the ways we can benefit them they are bound to come back to us. To sum up, the more skilful we are in our relationship with people let them be our peers, subordinates or superiors, clients, any one, the better the relation, the better the business. So relationship with people is everything in business.


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