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Jul 16, 2012

Was Mid-day meals successful?

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By Jyoti Parida

Food! Food! Food! What does it really mean? We can only understand the real meaning of food when we don’t get it. With empty stomachs nobody would be able to work. The schools that were opened for the poor children were always with a zero attendance. So government planned to keep the mid-day meals for poor children.

The main purpose of these meals is to provide them with hygienic food for stamina, physical strength and concentration to read. The government is not providing these meals to the poor children but to the future of the nation. Media across the country raised the many issues over the proper management of the mid-day meal at government schools. But hardly to there is any improvement since the programme launched.

But of the apathetic look the purpose of the mid-day meal progamme is till out of the realm of its actual target and poor students. There were many reports about the quality of the food is being served to students. And in some parts of the country the scheme is very successful.

Now, the question arises whether the pipeline that is formed between the government and the midday meals is already having a leak or is being leaked. The teachers and people associated with this scheme should come forward to achieve the aim of feeding poor children school those are leaving school to earn bread and butter for their family members by engaging themselves in labour work.

So many NGO’s are coming forward to provide better and healthy meals for these children. They are collecting funds by arranging big concerts performed by the celebrities and using it for a noble cause. Were ever they are being successful in there missions they have got a better result in the attendance of schools. Not only in the attendance but also academically well off.

There is a proverb “empty mind is devils workshop” similarly “empty stomach is devils workshop” and it really means. No one in this world can stay without food. So everyone should understand this proverb and help the children to come to schools for education so that one day India would also be counted in the list of higher percentile of literacy.


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