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Aug 24, 2012

Are Women Alone in Corporate Race?

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With the increase in, prices everywhere, cost of living going up, now a days it has become quiet common, that we are finding increasing number of working women everywhere. The change in the mind set of the modern men, and especially younger generation is one of the other causes for increase in the number of working women. Gone are the days when we used to find few working women in comparison to men, now we find equal number of women working in the corporate sector, when compared to previous days.

Modern women are driven by dreams and are passionate about creating their own identity and want to have their own recognition and value. It is a fact, that we find few women, holding key positions in the corporate sectors, reasons may be many, but lack of qualification, competence, experience, or guts is definitely not the question, because, when and wherever they are given a chance to do so, they have proved it over and again that they are equally and even more competent than men in discharging their duties, and have always proven to be best.

There is need for more refined, matured and transparent thinking, in this aspect, in the corporate world. And it would be welcome change, when a day will show up, when this will not be a topic for discussion any more. Let’s hope that day will come soon.

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