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Aug 20, 2012

Regional Party is Strong or National Party?

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If we look at the scenario, since past few elections, the importance of regional parties has been a lot. Regional parties always have an edge over the national parties, because, regional parties take up and are concerned with the, issues and problems relating to the particular region. People put up faith in the regional parties for this very reason, they believe that, regional parties will represent the problems of the region, or look after the needs and immediate concerns, as they are associated with that region.

But when it comes to national party, the concern becomes wider; they need to give attention to the important and urgent issues relating to all the states and regions, and cannot give priority to any one particular region or state. In the recent times if national party has formed government in the center, or a collation government has formed, it is only with the support of the regional parties. Regional parties are playing a key role in the formation, and proper running of the government at national level.

If we look at things, the way, they are working right now, it is merely impossible that a national party will form government at the center, it will be a collation of the regional parties, or if at all, there emerges a situation, where in national party has to chance to form government, even then, it will be only with the support of the regional parties only. So, the role of regional parties is very important, and regional parties are stronger than the national parties, in today’s times.


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