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Sep 28, 2012

Need for Good Leaders in India

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India, at his point of time needs no politicians. It is in need of leaders, leaders who think of the welfare of the people, and work for them and their benefit. Gone are the days when leaders, used to walk bare foot for the parliament, and had no own house, and no bank balances. Those are the real leaders, people who could lead and guide the nation towards prosperity and towards betterment, India needs such leaders now.

Leaders with character, honesty and integrity. These are kind of the people that India needs as leaders. The entire political system is now corrupt and there is hardly any place for sincere and honest people. Selfishness has become second name for politicians. There are leaders who show the way to corruption, but hardly any one out of it. If we want to change the fate of the people of India and the country.

There is a true need for True leader, one who can lead this country and its people out of ignorance, corruption, and all kinds of evil and wrong practices. Towards what is right and good for people. A leader who thinks of the people lives for the people. With no selfishness, these are the kind of leaders our country needs. To evolve itself to a better position and to develop in all areas.

But where from these leaders come, out of you and out of me leaders are born. They don’t come from anywhere else. Each and every citizen of this country is a leader, leader in his own sphere of action and work. We can exhibit skill like leaders in our work place and we can be leaders in thinking about our, fellow beings. We are leaders when each and every one of us, starts doing something for the benefit of the society and the people.

We are true leaders when we fulfill our fundamental duties and duties as a citizen of this country. Then we don’t need to look for leaders in political system. The leaders in the social system are enough to change the fate of the people and the country. The leader within you and me.


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