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Nov 6, 2012

In House Consultation

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Consulting our own team of people to make decisions is a very good thing to do, there are lot many advantages of doing so. Consultation by conversation is one method. In consulting by conversation you identify an issue that needs to be addressed, think about them, develop alternative solutions, explore them and come to a conclusion. The advantage is that you have others point of view and others expertise, so that we can look at the issue from all possible angles and arrive at the best possible solution.

Another way of in house consultation is appointing a consultative team. When you appoint a team, the team gathers information, whatever that is necessary, to address the issue and analyses it. We have a pool of expertise in consultative team; each person in the group has his own view point about the issue and his own unique set of solution. When all the persons sit together discuss and analyze the issue, it becomes easy to arrive at a solution. Here, we have a possibility of generating new ideas quickly. And when a solution comes from the team it becomes easy to gain commitment from them to implement the solution as well.

There are two ways of appointing a consultative team, one is team meeting and the other is brain storming session. In team meeting, each and every detail concerning the issue is taken out and discussed, to the core. For example if you have a team meeting on a issue, should Ram do this job or not, then the team will discuss, Ram’s qualifications, skills, experience and then the requirements of the job what kind of skill sets the job requires and if Ram has them, each and every point will be discussed in detail, and then they arrive at a solution or conclusion. The other way is brainstorm sessions, where in the members can express their point of view and after discussing with all we arrive at a solution.


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