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Nov 3, 2012

Motivation: A Key Factor

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Motivation is the key ingredient that determines a person’s growth in professional life. A person who is self motivated, has far better chances to succeed, and climbs the career ladder fast than others in the race. A person with no dreams and goals in life and doing work just for the sake of work, and doesn’t love his work, has far less chances of growth. Everyone has a motivating factor that drives him to succeed in life. For some it is money, for some it is name and fame, for some it is love, it differs from person to person.

What is the motivating factor that drives us to work, that is the factor that is responsible for our success? But what happens usually is after some time, when we fall into a routine, we start losing interest in the work that we have started. This is the time when we have look into the reason that has motivated us to start the work. We need to contemplate, we need to get back to the roots and need to assess, as to what is it that we want from work what motivated us to take the first step towards the work or business.

When we remember this again, that key factor, that made us start our work. That is the motivating factor, that will lead us to the road of success. The performance levels of the persons who are self motivated and those who do work for the sake of work are entirely different. In each person’s life there will be some incident or person or dream that makes a person start his journey towards success in professional life, that is our motivating factor, if we constantly remember that factor, and then we will definitely succeed in professional life. Given all the amenities and a person with no motivation will achieve nothing, but a person with driving force from inside, and self motivated sky is the limit for him.


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