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Jan 13, 2013

Weekly Health Tips: Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important, especially for women, because women start looking older than their age because of various factors.

When you start hitting thirties and above, you will notice that you feel less energized and dull. To overcome this you need to take nutritious diet and should do the exercises that promote the better functioning of the heart and the lungs.

Most of us like spending the leisure time or weekends watching television. And eat something like popcorn or anything else just to pass time.

This is not a healthy habit, doing these increases your weight as well as the risk of heart diseases. So, instead of watching television just take a walk outside in the greenery and in the fresh air.

This will help you stay slim and fit. Or if you are so addicted to television that you can hardly imagine your leisure hours in any other activity, then take a break, in the break, and walk a few steps when ever ads come. Not a bad idea isn’t it.

It is very important to have a check on you calories, how much food are you taking, and is it sufficient to meet your body needs, or is it excess.

Because, as you start aging, you will keep gaining weight, if you eat left over’s, consume soft drinks that contribute to high calories, or start eating fast foods, and foods that contain high fats.

So, as you age, you need to start taking care of your diet chart, and replace tasty and mouth watering dishes, with healthy choices.

There are a certain nutrients such as iron and phytonutrients that a female body requires, to help in healthy ageing. So, eating a diet that is rich in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and poultry will ensure that you get these nutrients.

Take care of these aspects and you don’t just age you age healthy.


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