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Feb 12, 2013

Political Scenario for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

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Now the cards are clear for 2014 mega battle in the country, which is the biggest festival for the political parties. The much awaited General Elections are going to happen in the next year, and a year is very less time for political parties for their preparations for this mega event.

The major political parties in India – Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party, are ready to jump into the action. It’s now clear that Rahul Gandhi, who has been promoted to Vice President of the party, is going to lead the party for the election.

Even the senior leader Kamal Nath told media that he would like to see Rahul Gandhi as prime ministeria; candidate and whole party men would love to have him as Prime Minister.

Rahul Gandhi is the Prime Ministerial candidate for the Congress Party, and its allies might not have any objection with the decision.

The second largest party in India, BJP, there are many front runners for the Prime Ministerial candidate. But Namo.. Narenda Modi, the leader from Gujarat, is the front runner. The recent campaign in Delhi, is enough to project Modi as PM candidate.

However, it is not official that, BJP to have Narendra Modi as Prime ministerial candidate. There are concerns as well with-in the party and in the NDA parties. One of the parties in NDA coalition, Shiv Sena has demanded declaration of the PM candidate from the BJP.

For BJP it would a big concern to maintain support of NDA parties as post election it is the coalition government to be formed. A single party might not get the complete majority to form the government at center.

Any strong opposition could force the BJP to find the best candidate to project as PM candidate, who could help the party to get maximum seats in Lok Sabha election in 2014 and win the confidence of NDA parties.

The role of regional parties would be vital in 2014 Lok Sabha election, as single party might not get the 2/3rd majority to form the government. There are two biggest alliances in India – UPA and NDA.

But the parties like BSP, SP, AIDMK, DMK, TMC, BJD, CPI(M) will be in king maker role for 2014 elections. Among these parties some are in the government and some other supporting outside. It is also clear the equation for 2014 are sure to change and regional parties will chose the alliance as per the victory and opportunity.

Uttar Pradesh seats are going to decide the fate of the parties in the Lok Sabha as it has maximum Lok Sabha constituencies. All the parties have been gearing up the election 2014, but it also big occasion for the voters to franchise their right to vote in choosing right candidate to the Parliament.


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