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Jul 25, 2014

Top 10 Qualities that can make you a Leader

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We all see leaders and admire them and aspire to be like them. But if we shift our focus to what qualities they have developed to become what they are now. It would be easy for us to become like them. So, what are the qualities that make a leader, a leader. Let us see.

1. The one fact that has always differentiated the leaders from the rest of the people is their initiative. Their initiative in thinking, in thinking that which people laughed at or thought to be impossible. Their initiative in experimenting with the new ways. These are the very things that make a leader and lack of these things makes one a follower.

2. Leader does not stop with accumulating knowledge. He is the one who implements it and gains from it.

 3. Leader is competent enough to get things done from others, not by using force but by motivating them and encouraging them and making sure that they also progress along the way.

leadership4. Leaders set goals and lead life with a purpose which motivates them to keep moving ahead in life on a progressive path.

5. Leaders take decision without much delay and they stick to it and start working on it with perfect plan and alternatives.

6. Leader speaks more with his deeds than with his words.

7. Leaders always strive for the upliftment of others and their progress. They come out of this I circle and Embrace We.

8. Leaders are always careful about what they speak and how they behave and interact.

9. Leaders are the ones who over come temptations, and are focused on achieving what is beneficial and good in a long term.

10. Leaders are a true source of inspiration; and they lead their life in an exemplary way.

So, those who aspire to mould themselves as leaders should focus on these aspects and work towards them.


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