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Jul 21, 2014

Top 5 Tips to Deal With the Un Expected

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Each individual’s life is not less than a suspense thriller. Day in and out we see so many unexpected events happening around us, some to us and some to someone else, that we are just left with shock and surprise. Most of the times we do not even know what to do and how to deal with the situation.

No one knows exactly what surprises life has in store for us, so there is a need for us to know the ways as to how to deal with surprises that life gives us. All is well as long as our routine is going undisturbed, but suddenly we hear news that someone close to us had an accident or lost his life, or we lost our job, or there was a theft and all valuables and savings are lost.

These are just some of the many shocks or surprises, these are major and life changing where as the ones we encounter on a daily basis are minor. But it is always good to prepare yourself ahead if by any chance you need to encounter such a situation. It may not happen to you but if you find someone facing such a situation and you happen to be there if you are prepared you can help them. So, let us look at some of the ways to deal with life’s surprises.

1. Change is the only constant thing in life, and we need to accept this fact, the better we understand and digest this fact the easier life will become. So, when ever some unexpected event happens first accept the reality, only then you will be able to work out a solution.
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2. Sometimes blessings come in disguise, what is now a shocking event or failure may benefit you in some other way. When such a situation arises look for something positive in it may be you have a lesson to earn may be you an inspiration to draw. If you think this way it will be easy for you to handle the situation.

3. Before you react to the unexpected situation in any way first calm down, try to analyze the situation and then think about how it will affect you and if it does, work out on a solution.

4. When you know that there is absolutely nothing in your hands that you can do about what has happened. Try to digest the fact, then instead of getting worried, think about future and how you would mould it.

5. Try to gain control over yourself and focus on increasing your inner strength, self control and will power are the things that will help you in difficult times, and to achieve these start practicing meditation.

Frankly speaking life itself each and every moment is unexpected because all that you know is what you are doing now in this moment; the next moment is not in your hands. So, prepare and move ahead.


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