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Aug 22, 2014

Highest Paying Occupations in India

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The main criteria in choosing a career for any person are its rewards and returns in terms of money. There are many professions and careers and there are also many of number of people each choosing a different one. But for those who are in the starting point of choosing a career it would be always helpful to know what are the most highly paid occupations. Eager to know them let us check them out.

1. Software Engineer: There has been a huge growth in this sector and the rewards and returns in monetary terms are also high. Starting from CEO to the team leader and the development managers all earn huge packages. Apart from these soft ware engineers and programmers also earn very high income.

2. Master in Business Administration: This is the most sought after and the most rewarding in terms of money in the present time. And if the candidate is from a reputed and ‘A’ grade Institutions then even a fresher holds the capability of earning huge salary.

3. Air Lines Industry: This industry has seen a huge change in the recent times in India. With the entry of private air lines there has been a huge increase in the employment opportunities. Pilots, Captains, Stewardesses, stewards, air traffic controller and other crew members earn huge amount of salaries.
4. Chemical, electronics and Mechanical Engineering: Engineering has always been a sought after profession or career in India. The earnings in this field are dependent on your skills, innovation, creativity, experience and hard work. Those persons who are dedicative and innovative do well and hold the capability of earning huge pay checks. And if you are a student form the top IIT’s then there is no look back for your career.

5. Medical Career: This is one of the all time rewarding and respectable career. You can be a doctor with the specialization of your choice, or a professor. You can be a nurse or you may even study hospital administration. There are many options all dependent on your learning capabilities. But the earnings totally depend on your skills, knowledge, experience and dedication towards your profession and achievements.

6. Chartered Accountant: This is one of the most fetching careers in terms of money. Every company organization or office needs accountants to look after their accounts. So there are plenty of opportunities, this is also one of the sought after carrier options all that you need to have is liking for numbers and skills in them. A person with good knowledge and experience is sure to earn a handsome pay. And there are many opportunities not only in private field but also in Government sector if you are choosing this as your career.

7. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation: If you are on the lookout for the top most highly paid jobs then your search ends here. Apart from salaries the other benefits such as health, retirement and others are also very high in these jobs.


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