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Sep 3, 2014

Business Principles: Attitude towards Customers

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In business principles, attitude is definitely one thing that definitely matters if you are a marketing person and are dealing with customers.

While doing business, you may be selling just a pencil or you may be dealing with equipment that costs crores, but the core point is that you are dealing with customers.

Many people have this attitude that I am selling a product that is not much worth in terms of money and the person I am going to meet is just another guy and they do not have a professional approach in business.

It is not always necessary that your client or customer will always be a person who will be sitting in a closed cabin to do business. He or she may be the person next to you and just like you ordinary.

But never theless it is your responsibility to have a professional approach towards him or her. For example, in business you are selling a tractor and your customer is a farmer, it does not mean that you go him with wrinkled shirt and talk to him casually and without respect.

He may be a farmer but you are earning your pay cheque and commission because of him, if he is not there you is not there.

So, he should be treated with respect and your approach should be professional. The way you convince him or try to talk to him may be different from others, but your attitude towards him should not change. Whatever he is, however he is he is your customer and you should treat him like that.

A successful marketing or sales person knows that his success always depends upon the way he approaches his customer and his convincing abilities.

But in any case his approach should always be professional and he should wish for the good of the customer and how his product will benefit him and add value to his life. If this is kept in mind you will see only success in business.


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