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Sep 16, 2014

Diva’ni Debuts in the Arena of Movie Costuming with Dawaat-E-Ishq

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The inevitable truth about cinema and fashion is that they are eternally intertwined. Cinema offers fashion a much larger platform to display its beauty. India’s first cinema inspired fashion brand DIVA’NI joins force with Director Habib Faisal and debuts in the arena of movie costuming with Yash Raj Films’ highly anticipated movie 'Daawat-e-Ishq' starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra.

Combining the Indian textural grandeur with hand craft DIVA’NI draws inspiration from the Awadh region and brings to life the authentic Awadhi girl next door look and creates impeccable fashion for lead actor Parineeti Chopra. For Daawat-e-Ishq, Diva’ni has harnessed its extensive creative flair and outdone itself by reviving Mughal influences in simple yet impressive ways.

“Director Habib Faisal handed over a huge amount of creative control for Gulrez’s (Parineeti Chopra) wedding wardrobe and this collaboration stands to revolutionise the arena of costume for Bollywood movies... Khada Dupatta, Long Jackets, Brocade Pyjamas and Kurtas in bright colours with intricate hand embroidery, create the perfect flavour of Awadhi dressing. Signature wedding costumes for Daawat-e-Ishq has brought to the forefront the legacy of traditional Indian garments”-

Says Parinita Saluja, Head Designer DIVA’NI.

“ Of Parineeti's many opulent costumes in this movie there are pieces that have intricate embroidery which compliment her beautifully, and the tremendous workmanship that goes into making even a simple dupatta, is impossible to overlook” - adds Parinita .


Parineeti Chopra in DIVA'NI at the set of Daawat-e-Ishq
The lead actors in this movie, Aditya Roy Kapur and Parineeti Chopra look striking (even in everyday styles) thanks to the romance that Habib sir has provided with aesthetically curated fashion,
A deliciously romantic coming together of Gulrez “Gullu” Qadir (Parineeti Chopra) a Hyderabadi shoe-sales girl disillusioned with love because of her encounters with dowry-seeking men; and Tariq “Taru” Haidar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) a Lucknawi cook who can charm anybody with the aroma and flavours of his biryani and kebabs.In the clash of diametrically opposite but equally spicy cultures of Hyderabad and Lucknow, Gullu and Taru arrive at a “tuning-setting”, rewrite traditional recipes of love, crush old-fashioned world-view and make their own masaledaar albeli rangreli pichchar ... Daawat-e-Ishq!

Produced by Aditya Chopra, the film is written and directed by Habib Faisal. Music is by Sajid-Wajid.

Watch Love Happen Over Food on 19th September 2014!

About DIVA’NI:

DIVA’NI is India’s first cinema-inspired brand brought to you by YRF and KBSH Private Limited. DIVA’NI draws its inspiration from the legendary Yash Chopra, who put as much effort into draping his heroines, as he did in painting beautiful visual imageries on reel, his memorable cinematic artistry and costumes have catapulted many a heroine to a diva and enamoured a generation of cinema lovers.

In the same essence DIVA’NI brings out the diva in every woman, giving her the freedom to wear her mind, expressing her innermost feelings. DIVA’NI is freedom, inspired by fashion, film and femininity.

Find out more on: Facebook-DIVA’NIcouture | Twitter- DIVA’NIcouture | Website: www.DIVA’NI.co.in

About YRF

Yash Raj Films (YRF) is the leading player in the Indian film industry and India’s premier independent Studio conglomerate. The banner has produced and distributed some of the industry’s highest grossing films. YRF handles the global distribution of its own films, with offices also in New York, London and Dubai. With its own music and home entertainment labels, design cell and post-production facilities, digital, merchandising, licensing, marketing and talent management divisions, YRF also has its own state-of-the-art fully integrated Studio, producing a slate of films annually, making it an integral part of the India’s entertainment business.

The Studio recently announced its foray into the International space with YRF Entertainment which co-produced Grace of Monaco. The Film premiered at the 2014 Festival de Cannes.

Find out more on:

www.yashrajfilms.com|www.youtube.com/yrf|www.facebook.com/yrf|www.twitter.com/yrf |plus.google.com/+yrf | www.yrfstore.com

About KBSH Pvt. Ltd.:

Established in 1947, House of KBSH comes with a history as long as our country’s independence. Located in the heart of Delhi, KBSH evokes a legacy in making women happy and draping them in the most beautiful creations crafted on the six yards. Driven by the creative energies of the daughter of the house and Brand Director, Sanya Dhir ; KBSH sister concern, KBSH Pvt. Ltd. has joined hands with YRF (Yash Raj Films) to introduce India’s first cinema inspired fashion brand – DIVA’NI. With a vision to make Indian fashion a universal lifestyle statement, KBSH strives to boldly break the age-old stereotypes and instill Indian traditions and handicrafts in today’s modern lifestyle. With a focus of making current and traditional hand weave work, with best craftsmanship that defines the contemporary modern women.

Their kaarigars are spread to diverse places such as Benares, Lucknow, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan and workshops in Delhi and Mumbai, KBSH is fast creating its footprint all across India.

Find out more on: www.kbsh.co.in | www.youtube.com/kbshonline| www.facebook.com/kbshindia| www.kbshonline.com


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