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Sep 5, 2014

Top 5 Guidelines as to How We Should Live Life?

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purpose of life
All of us have goals and dreams to achieve in life and which play a very important role in molding our life. But there are also guide lines that are common in every one’s life and which every human should know and try to follow. Let us have a look at them.

1. Purpose of Life:
Know the purpose of human life and fulfill that purpose.  Living a life without purpose is just a life, that has not life at all in it. Leading a life should with an aim or goal, and may fail due to having a aimless life or they are in a situation compelled to live like that only. When situations haunt, many become prey to their life leaving the original goal of life. That says, when you simple adopt the situation without struggling for it, it will become your life.

2. Your Ability:
Know and discover the abilities that God has blessed you with and utilize them for the benefit of mankind. Recognizing own ability is the best thing one realizes very late, and that is fact indeed. Ability to do many things or multiple tasks is the efficiency that everybody does not have. When you stand by any person to help out with your own ability, then simply follow the rule that you are not going to get the same treatment you bestowed. That says, your ability is to help others but personal.

3. No Regrets:
Live life in such a way that when you are in your last moments you have no regrets. Live today as if there is not tomorrow, and your are not going to get the time to undo your deeds. Regrets make you down, when you have time or opportunity, simply believe in your efforts to perform for the noble shake.

4. Become a Leader:
We should live life in a way that people feel sad about the fact that we are no more, but they should not feel happy about the fact that you are no more. When you depart for a final journey, millions should follow he ways for your final journey. People always do remember leaders and their contributions towards society.

5. Help Others: 
Our life should not be limited to family members and four walls it should go beyond that. Helping mankind is the greatest job, and helping others is the best thing one should do.


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