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Oct 31, 2014

Medical Colleges – Money Making Colleges

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By G.Gayathri

Why people want to opt for studies, professional or research in other countries than in India, our Mother Land? Because it is not the merit and the knowledge that counts when it comes to studies, there is something else that matters to these institutions - that is Money. Government has imposed many rules and restrictions regarding the fees structure and admissions, but they are just limited to papers.

Merit students are unable to get seats in the medical colleges because they cannot afford to pay donations in lakhs and crore. This is not limited to just one college, university or one place or state, this disease is spread across the whole country, especially to the medical institutions. Once two students were traveling in a train and they were talking about career and jobs and one of them who was a medical student said. If you want to settle down well in life financially there is no better business than education and especially medical colleges you open one medical college by doing anything and you are settled for a life time. This is a real incident and these are the real words as it is spoken by a medical student.

Medical Colleges
This is the impression that our system and institutions are conveying to our future generation, especially doctors. Medical Profession has very high respect among any other profession and doctors are considered equal to God because they save our life, but today it has become a mere money making profession what a pity. Colleges take money and give admission to students who do not qualify and have no knowledge, and when they come out as qualified doctors they in turn play with the life of the people.

They are qualified as doctors because of money but not because of the knowledge and the interest and respect they have towards the profession. Such people put people’s life at risk along with their money and imagine if such people go out to work in other countries what will be the reputation of our country? None of these things bother the Medical Institutions and Medical Universities. There are many meritorious students, whose dream is to become a doctor, they studied day and night and got the best qualified ranks that entitle them for a seat in medical college, but they had to face the hard truth that merit does not count only money counts.

A film was made on the same subject, where a poor student who is brilliant in studies and whose only dream in life is to become a doctor ends up committing suicide because he has no money to pay the donation. This is a film but there are people out there in real life who are living with the same hard truth unable to digest the hard fact and unable to do anything against this. When will our system and managements get cured of this disease of seeing medical profession as a money making profession only God knows.

If these people, who pay donations and earn doctor degrees, are the future doctors of this country there is nothing left to say. If there is an impression among the people that rules are limited only to books, it is because of things like these keep happening and it doesn’t make any difference to people who are supposed to follow them. Rules are in their place and we keep doing what we have to.

There is a high need for the things to change and more importantly change in the attitude of the people is needed, that earning money by any means is not the only thing in life, there are some things known as Morals and ethics, and we have no right to play with the dreams and life of the future generation.

It is because of this only reason that though there are many people and especially students, who are meritorious, talented and genius but are unable to do anything, and it is for the same reason that talented professionals try to work for other countries and students who are meritorious and talented prefer to study in other countries rather than our own country. Because there they look only for talent and knowledge and in turn encourage students by giving scholarships and offering them scope for research and development. Let us hope that a day will come when the educational institutions of this country will seek for real knowledge and merit rather than money.


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