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Nov 7, 2014

But … I Wish I could… Turn Back Time…

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By G.Gayathri

Beautiful song by Backstreet Boys. Every person at least once in his life time would have thought this, I wish I could turn back time, it may seem impossible but I wish I could, and life will never be the same.

Usually this kind of thinking and thoughts come to our mind when we are not happy with our present state of mind and life. It is only then that we start looking back into our past searching for the right times and the good or happy times. Or to put it in a better way we want to take a corrective action so that our life would change its direction for betterment.

But we can only do that in imagination but not in reality. There is definitely one-thing in our hands that we can do make our life better and to feel happy in the situation that we are in.

Turn Back Time
That is to imagine our life from the point of view of future. Imagine yourself standing ahead in life five years or ten years from now, from that point of time if you think of today, how would you lead your life?

What changes do you want to make in yourself and in your life style? What kind of decisions would you take, and how would you utilize the time that you have at present in your hands?

If we try to forget our past, live in the present and think about our future life would always be full of hope and positivity, because it lies in your hands to create your future by acting in the right way now.

So it definitely makes sense to live in the present and to lay a good foundation for our future instead of pondering over I could have or I should have.

All the wise men of the world have said that real wisdom lies in living life as if you are going to die the next moment. Yes that is real living, living life each and every moment with no regrets or tensions because who knows may be this is the last moment and we are no fools to spend it crying or feeling tensed.

Right, so if you are a seeker of happiness and peace and want to live life full and complete, forget the past because it has already passed and has no existence and live this moment full and if possible think good and positively about the future because it makes sense to do so.


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