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Nov 4, 2014

Safety in Closed Doors and Closed Hearts?

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We feel safe in the closed door of our room or closed door of our house, we feel even safer in the four walls and the boundary of our house.

We have a sense of security when we are with our own family and when some unknown person comes we are afraid.

 If we are left in an open place we become afraid we don’t feel secure. What is this safety that we are seeking in the closedness?

We are afraid of talking openly, we don’t want to open our heart and be plain and simple in our day to day interactions with others. Why? Because we don’t want to get hurt or we don’t want to get used by others, or even more valid reason because in that way things don’t happen in today’s world.

Knowingly or unknowingly we feel secure and safe when we build boundaries and walls around ourselves, whether it is a house or a heart.

We don’t want anyone to penetrate and share our space. Till the time there was only earth there was only the difference of races human and animal, there was only one race human race and every one lived together happily.

But as soon as people started building boundaries and boarders separation of people and separation of hearts started. My country, your country, my state your state, my language your language, my culture and your culture and the list is unending.

In earlier days people used to find safety and security living together and helping each other. Now a days we find it secure and safe in isolation and separation, whether it is humans or states or countries.

There is a huge difference in the times then and now and in the attitude of the people then and know. The lifestyle that we lead and the money race that we are in has hardened our hearts and made us seek safety and security in closeness, instead of being open, we are no longer free, we have imprisoned our bodies in the four walls and we have imprisoned our hearts in unseen walls.

But we have to realize the fact that real life lies behind those closed doors of our hearts and our houses. And the day we open our eyes to this fact and we open the doors of our heart, sunshine comes in throwing away all the darkness and bringing in new life.


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