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Nov 2, 2014

Smile A Rare Commodity in Today’s World

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By G. Gayathri

We keep hearing about the scarcity of water, food and other things above all these things there is a severe scarcity of the unseen but most precious and important things in today’s life and world those are, smile, peace of mind and happiness. Most of the times we see only long faces, and rarely a smiling and pleasant and peaceful face.

Yes, every one born as human in this earth thrives only for these things, but today man’s priorities have changed and so these unseen and most valuable and essential things have become a rare commodity. Among all the creatures that God has created only humans can smile. But still we find it hard to do it even once a day.

Marketing people stick smile on their faces because they cannot accomplish anything without that. A child smiles because that is his nature and he needs no reason or need to do that. Most of the times we stick a smile on our face only when we have to or need to, but when was the last time we smiled because we genuinely felt like smiling.

There is definitely one thing that is true that if we need reasons to smile and reasons to feel happy that is a rare thing to happen. Because life is a road with many twists and turns and it is always not possible that you are blessed with that situations and the kind of people that make you happy and make you smile.

But there is definitely one thing we can do that is to genuinely try to be happy and to genuinely try to smile because only fools can wait for the right time and the right reason to smile and to be happy. Even the research has proved that if you practice or keep smiling many times in a day you will naturally feel happy and positive, though it is not natural, what we usually do is we smile when we are happy or very peaceful. But if you want to be happy and peaceful keep smiling, this is what the research says.

So, don’t wait for the right situation or the right time to smile, keep smiling and things will turn out to be right.


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