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Jan 23, 2012

Parties Stand in UP Election 2012

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It's time to check the status of the political parties and their agenda to conquer the UP election in 2012. The state is gearing up for the assembly election and parties seem fully prepared to fight the big battle that will decide the direction to national political parties in national politics.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) current ruling party in Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of Mayawati the major party and ready to face its opposition party Samajwadi Party. The national parties Congress and BJP are fully prepared with their top brass leaders shifting compete attention in UP politics.

UP Election 2012: Hand vs Elephant
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Rahul Gandhi has been campaigning in UP and hope the Congress party will get some positive results out of his strong campaign strategies. For BJP, Uma Bharati to campaign in UP and the party has many issue to raise, the core one is the corruption. The issue of the corruption to play a major role in deciding the leader of the people as the team Anna will start campaign in four states including UP.

The politics and its results in UP always have been helpful to change the face of national politics and fate of political parties too. If the voters will follow the appeal of the Anna Hazare and his team against corruption, the the election result in UP and other states will be very interest to see, as corrupt and criminal leaders might not get the mandate.

But reality bites, the reality will be something different, as the election results have been there for lat few decades. Interesting, there is another party called 'Love Party', it is very interesting to mention here, and the party that symbolizes the Love, now the love in the UP politics. The other day I came to know about this party, that sounds good to me.

Major issues in UP election will be the corruption, social security, crime against women, and alike as usual regular issues - Roti, Kapda and Makan.


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