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Oct 26, 2012

Top five tips to be a Perfect Manager

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Perfect Manager
The term manger himself dictates the role of a manager. One who has to mange himself, others and situations. There are various points that play a vital role to shape oneself into a perfect manager. Let’s look at few of those points.

1. Goals: When we set goals we know where we are heading to, if we are on the right track, and we have a chance to correct and progress. So, to be a perfect manger it is very important to set goals for yourself and for those working for you.

2. Praise: A good manger knows the value of the persons working for him and leaves no chance to praise them, whenever he gets one. As it is important for a manger to correct his staff, it is equally important to praise them for what they are worth, and they do. Because this leads to strengthen the relationship between them.

3. Criticism: Not a very good thing to do but becomes inevitable to get the tasks done. Whenever you want to correct the staff, you should allow the other person to know by your behavior and words that, your intention is purely to get the work done and not to criticize. And always praise the staff in front of everyone and correct them in private, in your cabin.

4. Explain: No one is born perfect in this world; we all learn what we learn from experience and by doing. So, don’t expect everyone to know everything, when the need arises, explain, to them as to what they have to do, how they have to do. A perfect manager knows this and so takes the trouble to explain.

5. Relationship: Last, but not definitely the least, a Perfect manager is one who knows the value of relationships, and is good at them. Managing people is managing relationships, one who is good at this, will definitely be good at his work. So, management and manager means managing people and managing relations with them.


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