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Jul 18, 2014

Top 5 Practical Tips to Strengthen Will Power

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Before we discuss anything we need to know what will power is. Will power is nothing but knowing what is good for you physically and mentally and then continuously following only that path without getting influenced by temptations, so that you can achieve your goal.

All of us know the importance exercising will power in our life, but we find it hard when it comes to implementation part. The only difference between those who exercise will power and those who do not is that, those persons with will power achieve success in personal and professional life, and those who do not end up as failures.

You goal may be anything in life and you may stand where ever you are now, but if you strengthen your will, you are sure to see desired results. So, let us get down to the point and see the ways to strengthen will.

1. Stop postponing and start acting, if you have been planning from a long while to wake up and go for a walk in the morning, but every time the alarm goes off, you switch it off and go into your blanket. Stop doing that, and start going out when the alarm goes off.

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2. Overcome conflict and win over temptation. Every time you are about to exercise will power you will find that there will be a conflict within you, the lower self dragging you down and asking you to do that which is tempting and is pleasurable and the higher self which warns you and in spite of your disliking asks you to stick to what is right and beneficial. Follow your higher self, whenever there is a conflict.

3. When you know you have to do the work, but you don’t feel like doing it now and instead want to spend time otherwise, in that moment itself get up from where you are and start doing the work.

4. To strengthen the will start making the small changes in your daily routine. If you are addicted to watching television daily, start by reducing the number of hours. If you have the habit of eating excess, start eating a balanced and required portion for the next ten days.

5. Whenever you are posed with a situation where in you have a choice to choose what gives pleasure and what is beneficial, let that which is beneficial to you be your choice. Every time by choosing what is beneficial you strengthen your will.

So, in any given situation look for the long term benefits if you exercise your will, instead of giving up for short term pleasures. When you keep this in your mind and start making choices, you will strengthen your will.


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