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Jul 2, 2014

What Makes a Good Person?

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To be good is what we all want to be, and we also want to interact and to have relations only with those who are good. But when it comes to recognizing good people we land up in confusion. How to recognize a good person and what makes a good person? Let us know those points.

First quality of a good person is that he is not influenced by the decisions of others he makes his decisions and sticks to them. He is intelligent enough to know what is good and what is not. A good person has the ability to recognize the value of the other person. He appreciates the positive traits and skills of the other person, and even expresses and shows them to the other person.

A good person has a purpose and a goal, he knows what he is doing and where he is going, he has a vision and walks along the path towards progress. He is responsible, not only towards himself but towards others and exhibits self control. A good person shows concern about others and takes interest in the things that others do, participates with them, encourages them and appreciates them.

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A good person spends time with people; he is there with people in their ups and downs. A good person has respect for other peoples thinking, emotions and feelings. He does not try to manipulate people; he gives freedom to people, to be their own self. He believes and trusts others and relies on them.

A good person, respects and obeys his parents, he cares for them and loves them. He is also respectful and dignified in his behavior towards women. Another sign of a good person is that he is balanced in his life in all the ups and downs and he doesn’t try to run away from life’s challenges he stands erect and faces them.

A good person is committed to achieve his goals and has adaptability to change himself according to the situations in life. He has right thinking and is committed not only to the work but also to people. If we are able to adapt these or any of these qualities we have begun our journey to become good and when we come across such a person respect him, love him and try to be like him.


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