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Dec 5, 2014

A Mélange of Colors: Painting Exhibition Showcases three Young Contemporary Artists

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Ekta Jain
A Mélange of Colors: Painting Exhibition Showcases three Young Contemporary Artists

· Ekta Jain, Aarushi Gulati and Neeti Aggarwal come together to showcase their works that can collectively be labeled as among the best upcoming talent that is emerging in contemporary Indian art

New Delhi, Dec 5, 2014: If art is an expression of the heart and mind, it is also an emitter of inspiration and vibrations. An exhibition of the works of three young and upcoming Indian artists was today put on display in the national capital, promising a visual treat for the lovers of contemporary art.

The four day painting exhibition at the Convention Foyer at India Habitat Centre, is displaying the latest works of Ms. Ekta Jain, Ms Aarushi Gulati and Ms Neeti Aggarwal, under the title of ‘Mélange: A group show of Contemporary Artworks’.

True to its name the exhibition presents a mélange of deep thoughts, an aura of positive vibes and interplay of figurative and abstract mysticism that is certain to stir art lovers of the capital.

The three artists have remarkably unique styles but a freshness that is characteristic of new talent that is still discovering itself. The works speak of hope, peace, tradition, spirituality and courage from the point of view of an artist.

The world eludes positivity and vibrancy as seen from the eyes of these artists who have capture on canvass a world that is in transition but still steeped in traditions. There is never a dull moment in the canvasses that are on display.

The artists have presented a wide array of painting styles and vibrancy of colours and concepts under a single roof and all in affordable prices.

“Different artists release their inner thoughts through different kinds of expressions. For some, sorrow and pain is an underlying theme, for others mysticism is the most powerful expression. If you look at the exhibition that we have put on display, the common thread is an inspirational invocation of peace, hope and positivity. For me personally, art is a medium to spread hope, inspiration and optimism,” says Ekta Jain.

“When people come to see the artworks of veteran artists, they come with pre conceived notions of the artist’s style and expression. In this respect, our exhibition holds an element of surprise,” adds Jain. The exhibition will be on display from December 5 to December 8, everyday from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm.


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